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May 9, 2012 12:00pm EDT
from rhode island. tsa officials stopped a father and his young son yesterday. terrell brown reports they had gun parts and ammunition in a bizarre hiding place. >> reporter: on monday at the airport in providence, rhode island, a routine search turned into a major security scare. while screening a passenger's carry-on bag, tsa agents found the hardware of a 40 caliber gun, a magazine loaded with two rounds of ammunition, and a firing pin all concealed within three stuffed animals, including a mickey mouse. >> the stuffed animals were contained in the carry-on bag. the carry-on bag was going through normal procedures. >> reporter: the bag belonged to a 4-year-old boy traveling with his father to detroit. tsa agents confiscated the items but let the man and boy get on their plane. >> the officers were comfortable allowing the father and son continue on the flight. he indicated that he was unaware they were there. the public was never in any danger. >> reporter: police believe neither father nor son knew they were carrying a weapon and in a statement a spokesperson said, they believe t
May 18, 2012 7:30pm PDT
of the year. >> after the deficit soars to $16 billion, there's plenty of pain in governor brown's may budget revision with more cuts to help service and welfare programs and reduce pay. >>> term limits are back on the ballot. proposition 28 would change california's strict limits by reducing time in the state legislature from 14 years to 12 but allow all of that time to be served in one house. >>> why does the delta matter? there's renewed talk about a canal. >> in case you haven't heard, one of the world's most popular land marks is turning 75. we'll go behind the scenes of a public art exhibition guaranteed to make you look at the golden gate bridge at a whole new light. >> coming up next. >> belva: good evening. i'm belva davis. welcome to this week in northern california. joining me tonight on our news panel are lauren sommer from kqed's quest serious. and marisa lagos san francisco chronicle staff writer. and josh richman. bay area news political reporter. josh, is it my imagination but this seems to be one of the most brutal budgets governor brown has put before the legislature and us
May 13, 2012 11:30pm PDT
investment to happen. >>> jerry brown is set to unveil his revised budget plan after announcing the state faces an even bigger deficit than predicted. brown said the budget gap will grow almost $7 billion more than expected due to weak tax revenues and slow progress in cutting budgets. the projected shortfall is now $16 billion. tomorrow in los angeles, brown is scheduled to introduce a new fiscal plan and outline how he proposes to fill that budget gap. one effort to recall oakland major gene quan appears to be fizzling out. one plan has until tomorrow to collect signatured needed. there won't be enough time to gather all the required signatures. the southbound group has until july 2nd to -- the second group has until july 2nd to collect the needed signatures. >>> despite indication that is the group had planned to leave, there had been word protesters would remove their farming equipment but instead the university says the group stayed overnight. the occupiers took over the land back on earth day and want to create a community urban farm. the project is set to begin on the land this wee
May 16, 2012 5:30pm PDT
donaghue at brown university developed the system after decoding some of the brain's electrical language. how well do we understand this language? >> we know that there's a general pattern of, for example, left, right, up, down, even fast or slow. >> kathy now has neural control over that cursor. >> pelley: four years ago dr. leigh hochberg of massachusetts general hospital explained as hutchinson moved the computer cursor with her thoughts. >> she's thinking about the movement of her hand and she's moving the cursor much as if she had her hand on a mouse. do you want to play some music? all right. >> pelley: she just clicked "play." >> she did. ( playing paul mccartney's "another day" ) >> pelley: ( laughs ) that's pretty amazing! now four years later in the study published today in the journal "nature" researchers report hutchinson has gone even further, using her mind to control a robotic arm. >> she was able to reach and grab any ball in any location about half the time which to us was remarkable that he could do any of that. >> pelley: once they proved it worked they wanted to see w
May 25, 2012 10:00pm EDT
david brown at the nochhprrtt library in downnown baltimooe. investigators say brown used craigslist to lure people to a location in noothwest baltimorr... and then robbed them at gunpoont. 20:43:13"members f the warraat apprehensson task ffrce ound him todda in a downtown library usingga commuter we suspect he may be using to find his nnxt victim" victim" police are currentlyyinvestigating to determine if brown is linked to other robberies. a father and his two teenaged sonn are found dead on a farm in kent county.farmer glen nolt and his tww sons... kelvin and cleason.... were working at the edge of this panure pit wednesday... preparinggto move the manure to ttnker trucks for ssreaaing on the crops. when they ffiled to return to their pennsylvaaia home around dinner time, family members got worried. shipley says: "they went out to the area of the manure ppt and found the father's pickup truck still running as well as a tractor that they had beee &pseen working around between two and two thirty yesterday afternoon, also still running. so, the immediate thought was th
May 3, 2012 2:35am EDT
kutcher is engulfed in a racism storm right now after wearing brown face makeup to play someone of indian descent in a commercial. he appears as raj, a 39-year-old bollywood producer looking for love in an advertisement for pop chips. so apparently he finds love in this sort of low fat potato snack, but he saw fit to dress up in this stereotypical garb and put on an indian accent. >> producers saw fit for him to do that. >> well, he went along with it. now people are very, very upset. many people on the internet, including the indian descendant rap group. they're saying, what's with the racist brown-faced video you talentless, pretending to care about sex trafficking piece of -- >> whoa, so they are very fired up. >> they are very upset. it never really goes over well, the black face, the brown face. i think we're at the place now in history, forewarning, you shouldn't do it. >> it doesn't go over well. i would say, though, in terms of race relations in the country, we have bigger issues to worry about than ashton martin in brown face. >> no question. no question. >> the trayvon martin ca
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May 16, 2012 2:00am PDT
♪ >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i am heather cheryleds. >> i am patti ann browne. >> explosive back-to-back testimony could begin in the corruption trial of john edwards. the presidential candidate himself could take the stand. good morning. >> could get very interesting heather. they are indicating their case is winding down. they aren't saying if they plan to call him or his mistress to take the stand this morning. it is uncertain whether edwards will testify. that would open him up to examination by the prosecution. he admitted he lied about inch of this case including fathering rielle hunter's child. a greater unknown is hunter. she is remained largely unseen and unheard than conducting a handful of interviews about two years ago. she was listed as a potential witness but did not testify. of the three she is most likely to take the stand and defend her dad who is facing 30 years in prison. he's charged with using campaign cash to hide his mistress and their love child from the rest of the world. >> might be putting on his daut tore show the mind set of the edw
May 25, 2012 7:00am EDT
concerts, they include bobby brown stopping by on monday for a special memorial day concert. on thursday we've got american idol 16-year-old powerhouse singer jessica sanchez taking to our stage. and then on friday we've got the band parity joining us. but of course, the big event, i mean we're going to start with today because i've got to tell you, pitbull is so much fun. i expect you to be throwing down. i expect you to be dancing in the rain. right, people? >> and i think it will stay there. >> exactly. we've got a lot to get to. let 's go inside. >> natalie morales is, of course, not here so we've got savannah guthrie. >> yes. >> savannah? >> good morning, guys. in the news today the man under arrest for the 1979 disappearance and murder of etan patz is expected to make his first court appearance today. new york city police say pedro hernandez has confessed to luring the 6-year-old boy into a store basement and then strangling him. that crime happened 33 years ago today. investigators say a renewed search for remains last month in the boy's soho neighborhood prompted a tipster to call a
May 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >> jerry brown releases the revised budget. >> we are facing a $16 billion hole. not the 9 billion, we thought in january. this means we have to go much further and make cuts far greater than i asked for at the beginning of the year. >> the governor gave a glimpse of the projection through a you tube video. blames the ballooning deficit on slow recovery and judges and administrators for blocking health cuts for the poor. they include education and state compensation and welfare. we talked to a mother in in the county. >> i work hard. pay taxes. we are trying to get the kids in college and get a good education for that. california is supposed to be, people move here because it is great. we are definitely in a bad place. >> they must approve tax hikes temporarily raising the sales tax by a quarter of a % and increase income taxes on people earning at least $250,000 a year. we have posted his people on the state will receive much needed revenues with facebook's public offering. it is expected to happen on friday. it will be between 28 and $35 a share. california predicts more t
May 6, 2012 6:30pm PDT
? >> they didn't really ban it. they just took it out of brown hands. they banned mexicans, basically. they got rid of mexican-american studies. they put all of the books that they took away from students. they boxed them and put them away. the catch-22 seems to be that anybody who's not from that ethnic studies world could teach it. but that there would be disciplinary action, as i understand it, if anyone complains about those being taught. so in essence, they've been what i call a soft banning. they're out of the picture. and -- >> but just look at the books. i brought a list of the titles. chicano, the history of the mexican civil rights movement, boxed. critical theory by delgado and stepanic, boxed. 500 year history of pictures, boxed. occupied america, boxed. rethinking columbus, the next 500 years, boxed. the oppressed, boxed. and then howard zenness, the people's history of the united states? >> he's a lefty. >> sandros cisneros, zapata's disciple, feminism is for everybody, jonathan kozel's savage inequalities, luis rodriguez is always running, by the lake of sleeping children and nob
May 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
a coincidence that it has turned out that way so far? joining us now is judith browne diana. he's a civil rights attorney and co-director of the advancement project. she represented the naacp in a 2000 lawsuit to remedy voting rights in florida. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me, rachel. >> you are much more deeply involved in the vagueries of florida voting law than i am. did i get anything wrong in the way i explained what's going on in florida now in terms of how you understand the facts? >> you got it right. >> okay. it's complicated and it's quickly changing and a lot of this stuff hasn't been debated. it seems to being done at the initiative of the florida governor. is the governor consulting with lawyers in order to -- is this the kind of thing that other states are doing? is this a standard process that florida's going through, or is this something unusual? >> well, i mean, it's florida taking out their old bag of tricks. and they have come up with a new list and the list is flawed. i mean, a 91-year-old world war ii veteran? i mean, come on. really, governor scott? this is
May 16, 2012 9:00am EDT
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May 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
are calling a 76-year-old man's death suspicious. benjamin brown was found dead inside his seat pleasant home last friday. his blue cheverolet caprice is missing. the home is secured with window bars and an alarm system. neighbors fear brown was taken advantage of by someone he let into his home. >> didn't ever bother anybody. that man sat on his porch, drank his coffee or water, whatever. he didn't ever bother anybody. >> police are still awaiting the results of brown's autopsy. >>> police say a child was inside the car used to kill a young fairfax county woman during a road rage crash. gloria mcmillan is accused of hitting and killing 21-year-old shelinda arrington last friday. the child was not hurt. mcmillan is charged with felony hit and run. records show she's been cited for reckless driving, speeding, and driving on a suspended or revoked license in the past. >>> new, the fbi in arizona cleared two southwest airplanes planes after a threatening phone call. both flights had ties to phoenix and to orange county, california. a southwest spokesperson said someone called in a threat to a fl
May 16, 2012 4:30am PDT
in the next half hour. >>> governor brown is backtracking on his plan to phase out the state's youth prison system in january the budget included plans to close the state's youth prisons next year and shift young inmates to county facilities. in the revision the governor calls for tabling his previous plan. the change came after protests from corrections officials they argued counties are already struggling with more adult prisoners shifted to their jails cannot handle additional juvenile inmates. >>> efforts resume to locate and free a whale. first spotted in pacific grove sunday by a whale watching boat. you can see the netting in the north bay a mammal center rescue team freed a whale monday that whale was first spotted last friday entangled in a crab pot line. >>> mayor lee is making a full court press to bring the golden state warriors back to san francisco. the chronicle reports warriors' owners met with lee yesterday to discuss moving the team across the bay to a new waterfront arena built at piers 30 and 32. the warriors are making moves that indicate there's mutual interest iny[ sa
May 23, 2012 4:00am PDT
." >> also on the list, donna summers, the grateful dead and "a charlie brown christmas." >>> what happens when a guy walks into a bar with a zebra and a parrot? he gets turned away, of course. zebras and parrots don't belong in bars. but it's not the end of the story. >> driving out of the parking lot with the zebra and the parrot on his front seat, he was pulled off by police. it turns out his blood alcohol level was 0.14, which is well over iowa's 0.08 legal limit. and he was arrested. >> hard to know where to start with that story. first of all, you don't drive under any circumstances. and you particularly don't want to call attention to yourself call attention to yourself when you have a zebra and a parrot in your car. >> it's great that his girlfriend or his wife say they ride around with them all the time. they like the ride. they like going out for fresh air. why do you have a pet zebra? >> you can walk down the street with it. just don't go into the bar. that's another weird one. >> so, here's a question. what happens when you were walking to the bar? you didn't get pulled over by
May 14, 2012 4:00am PDT
and coyotes tied at 2-2 in the third. dustin brown with another huge goal. seems like every game the l.a. captain steps up in a big way. his seventh goal of the postseason. kings are a perfect 6-0 on the road. they win, 4-2. >>> golf, the tpc at sawgrass was pretty in pink for mother's day and so was matt kuchar. donning the pink hat for par on 3, draino. then on 18, a tap-in for the win. he takes the players championship by two strokes. it's his fourth career pga tour victory. >> to the diamond, earlier this year the marlins' mike stanton changed his name to juan carlos stanton. we're just going to call him the closer. rips a walk-off grand slam against the mets. marlins score six in the ninth to win, 8-4. >>> and if you like that, you'll love this, unless, of course, you're a nationals fan. the reds' joey votto hits not one, not two, but three homers in cinci, the last one a walk-off grand slam in the ninth inning. votto makes the nats see red. they win 9-6 in dramatic fashion. and that's your look at sports on "early today." i'm mario solis. >>> well, which film was totally overshad
May 3, 2012 2:00am PDT
. there are people in brown and black, they were shooting at her because they thought she was on the other side. she makes a run for it with her 2-year-old and she was six months pregnant. she made it through a country that is friendly to immigrants, that would be mexico. she makes it through mexico and she manages to defeat $11 billion worth of high-tech interception devices and systems. 2,000 people, lots of humvees, she makes her way into phoenix not speaking a word of english and manages, as it happens, this wasn't a serious crime, to procure documents which, by the way, i think fooled your h.r. person and she is probably working in your factory. if that isn't some sort of special outward bound exercise that demonstrates the mettle of a person, i don't know what that is. well that, child that was is born here, will he or she be a u.s. citizen? yes, thank goodness. i want that in the united states here in phoenix to help us with the economy. that brings me to the third point and that is the notion of dynamic talent is a tricky concept in the united states. we don't know in modern economies what h
May 3, 2012 4:30am EDT
with the browns has to sit out three games. and defensive end, will smith, will miss the saints' first four games. >>> eric legrand, the paralyzed rutgers football player just got amazin news. he's going to sign with the tampa bay buccaneers. he got a call on monday from his former coach, greg schiano, now head coach for the bucks. schiano says it's a small gesture to recognize legrand's incredible spirit. legrand says he was shocked when he got the call monday. >> i'm like, thanks, coach, i don't know what to say right now. it's a dream come true for me. i always wanted to go to the nfl. may not be the circumstances i want, but i'm there. >> what a great attitude. legrand says the bucks can't give him any money because of the salary cap. he hopes to eventually become a sportscaster. >>> when we come back, going skin deep. a severely tanned new jersey mother enters a plea in a child endangerment case. in a child endangerment case. - it's the moment when forever begins. kay jewelers presents the ring that lives up to the moment. neil lane bridal from hollywood's premiere jewelry designer. - the se
May 15, 2012 7:00am EDT
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May 17, 2012 6:00am PDT
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 143 (some duplicates have been removed)